Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hi everybody,
It's been quite a while since I have updated my blog...almost a year to the day! Sorry, there have been a lot of things going on in the past year so I really don't have an excuse. I've gone to Kauai Hawaii to learn advanced Lomi Lomi AND met extremely fantastic people in class. I've taken early retirement from American Airlines this past May so I can pursue my Massage Therapy practice. Now I'm back, updating my blog! I'll try to keep it going :)

My first blog is a short one about my "Tie Shoe" moments. I used this procedure when I was working at American Airlines, it started when I was a Tech Crew Chief. Usually when I got called out to an Airplane, it was well past departure and there were MANY people on the jetbridge that demanded to know what was going on? how long would it take? is the plane going out of service? To which I had no answers yet since I JUST WALKED THRU THE JETBRIDGE DOOR!
Bosses of different departments use to follow me back to my office while I looked up paperwork, looking over my shoulder and continue bombarding me with questions. After a couple of times of this, I realized they were pulling me into their chaotic world so I created my "Tie Shoe" moment.
I would walk onto the jetbridge with the usual chaotic ranting going on, everybody would turn and look at me and start yelling questions at me, so I would just bend down and...yep...Tie My Shoe! Immediately everybody would stop talking at look at me like...WHAT'S HE DOING? LOL, in that brief few seconds they were quiet, their energy would come back to earth and I would quietly find out what's going on and come up with a solution.
The gist of the story is when things are chaotic, bend down and tie your shoe to slow things down to a more normal speed and continue in what you were/are doing in a calm energy!
You don't have to tie your shoe, if people are frantic, just stand there, don't say a word, until they calm down. This works great also..and they do...calm down.
Thanks for reading everybody!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kauai HI. Lomi Lomi Trip

Well, I decided to attend the 2 week Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage course. I was a little nervous since I was not that experienced and NOW I'm going to the advanced course! I think I am going to highlight the trip.
I was nervous since it is an advanced course in Lomi Lomi. I wasn't sure I was ready but everything pushed me into it so I couldn't refuse. HUGE thanks to Dan and Rich for swapping their vacation time with me so I can go to this training!
I was nervous but I had a car and I figured "what can go wrong in 2 weeks"! Well, I if it were not for the 11 other people I met in the training I don't know if I could have continued. We were all VERY supportive of each other and even taught each other what our own strength's were.
We went to several sacred places on Kauai, which were AWESOME to say the least. I have had some personal growth and seen others grow during this 2 weeks.
My wife Denise came to Kauai on the 3rd week so we had that week to ourselves (pretty much), I introduced Denise to most of the group before they left and she said "I was sad when they left" which says a lot about the caliber of the people there! Denise and I zipped around the Island the first couple of days but on the 3rd day it was like I hit a wall and napped for 2 hours...WOOHOO, I needed that!
AND of course I got "swimmers ear" so my ear was extremely painful so we went to a open medical center on Sunday to get it looked at!
I was given some ear drops with made it

Monday, April 30, 2012

Continuing Education Units (CEU's)

It's been a while since I have blogged..sorry...I am new at this, I will get the hang of it.
Well, I had to go for CEU's this past weekend (April 28th and April 29th). I was expecting it to be a worthless seminar...BUT it was really good, I was totally surprised and impressed. I have learned from some great instructors at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and I thought..I probably already know what they are going to teach. Well...I did... I already learned a lot of what they taught but they taught it in a different way, an easier way for both me and my clients. I can't wait to try these methods on my clients. I really liked Haase Myotherapy, Secrets of Deep Tissue seminar! Thank you to Robert Haase and his assistants. I also met some really nice Massage Therapist's from all over Chicago and Wisconsin!
Overall I had a great experience at the seminar and highly recommend Haase Myotherapy "Secrets of Deep Tissue" Seminar.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Travel day home

I stayed in a hotel in Vancouver the final night so I can make it for my 0620 flight the next day....uugghh. Well, I woke up at 0320 with Patti singing to Aumakua (in my head) so I knew I was going to have a good travelling day. I flew from Yvr to Lax, I was in a 3 seat row by 27A (I chose it to mean Aloha)! I flew from LAX to ORD in a 3 seat row with a space between me and the other person..woo hoo!...and I was in seat 15A (Aloha)! I made it home at a reasonable time to see my wife Denise...YEA! Over all I would say it was an excellent weekend with a great location, teacher and friends...MAHALO! to everybody, especially Brenda for being there for me both weekends :)

Last day of Lomi training Monday 2/27/12

Same as before, morning meditation, breakfast, skype with Wayne!  We had a treat today...Patti performed a Hula for us...she was great, I felt honored! Well, this is our final day we each have to give...and get a 3 hour Lomi Lomi massage...phew! We picked partners with pulling slips of paper with names on them...I am working with Chris! I performed Lomi Lomi on Chris first, I feel really good and I don't think I forgot anything. I concentrated on the massage and not the sequence. It was long but when I was finished I felt really good about it, I think Chris enjoyed it too. We only had 45 minutes to go shower, eat lunch and come back for the second session so we did not all eat together. Brenda and I went out to eat together...yep it was good!
After lunch it was my turn to receive and Chris gave me a DEEP but enjoyable Lomi session. After that we received our certificates of completion! Woo Hoo!

3rd day of Training Sunday 2/26/12

Morning with Wayne. We are learning some pretty cool Lomi Lomi moves for the front of the body. It was a really busy day, we did not get out of there until about 8:00 pm. We went to dinner and I headed off to bed...I AM TIRED!
At lunch we (me, Brenda, Patti, Dawne) went to a secret beach. The views were beautiful and the beach was made of rocks...really really cool looking rocks...round, egg shaped, round, flat. It was nice.

2nd day of training Sat 2/25/12

Morning relaxing. After meditation we eat breakfast then we skype with Wayne from Hawaii. Today we learn some arm rotations to go with our leg rotations. After lunch we come back to a house with no power...hhmm. Some neighbors said they heard a pop so we are assuming a transformer blew, also the neighborhood is powerless. We continue as long as we can before dark. After we were finished we went for dinner at a Greek restaurant ( it was a long strange day so only me Brenda and Lincoln go out for dinner). It was in a different neighborhood so it had power...phew...UNTIL..we ordered, they put most of our food down on the table and...yep...power went off. So now we are eating by the emergency lights, which isn't so bad, it is also pretty quiet with no background noise. After dinner they come around to collect for our dinner and yep, they can't accept anything but cash..(I have been charging everything), when she comes by to say they can't accept credit cards...Bing...power came back on...woo yoo! Another day down.